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Nov 10, 2019

Shannon Constantinides is a PhD Candidate at Florida Atlantic University, where she specializes in using advanced applied biostatistics to study population health and healthcare economics. As a family nurse practitioner, Shannon has spent most of her career in orthopedics and sports medicine, caring for individuals across the spectrum:  weekend warriors, high school to professional athletes, and members of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, Shannon was an officer in the United States Air Force and served as a nurse in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

As a native of Colorado, Shannon is an avid outdoor enthusiast. She summited her first “14er” when she was only 7, and strives to spend part of each day outdoors. Shannon was introduced to fly fishing by her husband, Dr. Alex Constantinides, and together, the two have been lucky enough to travel the world fly fishing. While she enjoys the technical challenge of dry fly fishing for trout in small alpine streams, her passion is salt water fly fishing - especially bone fishing, which is her favorite! Shannon also enjoys mountain biking and kayaking (especially kayak fishing) with her husband and spending time with their fishing puppy, Brookie (like the trout).

To date, Shannon will likely be the least skilled angler on the podcast, but will likely be one of the most enthusiastic! Any guide who has fished with Shannon will tell you a few things: 1) she always packs a great lunch for everyone on the boat (guides included), 2) she WILL interrogate the guide about his or her personal life (“don’t try to resist it” was a quote from one guide-turned-friend), and 3) there is a high likelihood someone is going to get tagged with one of her stray casts! Shannon has been featured in the Palm Beach Coastal Angler magazine, not just once, but twice! And, she is also known for her uncanny ability to catch the littlest of fish! (Code RNP20 at check out)