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Jan 26, 2020

This week host Jeff Troutman talks with global traveler Jon Covich. Jon Covich has spent the last 25 years immersed in the fly fishing industry and has been one the Pacific Northwest’s tackle reps for the past 20 years. He currently represents Outcast, Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods, and Galvan Reels. In addition to...

Jan 19, 2020

This week Jeff talks with Janelle and Trent of the Instagram account The_Bum_Diary. Trying to find their American dream, Janelle and Trent work seasonal jobs around the country to fuel their travel to exotic fly fishing destinations. Living out of a van, their wanderlust has taken them around to the world...

Jan 12, 2020

This week Wylde Bill and Jeff talk about cures for chronic masturbation, starting a cult, illegal fireworks, and of course…fly fishing!

Jan 5, 2020

This week fly fishing podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with local angler and friend Kim Sears.

Born and raised in Middleville, Michigan, Kim grew up on the Thornapple River fishing for bass.  

I got away from fly fishing in my 20s when I tried the bass tournament scene for a few years.  When the tournament fishing...