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Feb 28, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill take it back to Season 1 Episode 1 to talk with Joe Demalderis, a guide on the Upper Delaware River.
00:01-01:00 Jeff and Bill Finally Get It
01:00-03:17 Congrats to Phil and '80s and '90s Flicks
03:17-04:00 YouTube Stuff & Merch
04:00-05:50 Jeff's Fitness Journey
05:51-12:20 Beer...

Feb 21, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill chat about life and fishing in the winter.

00:00-1:30 Jeff's weight loss.

01:30-05:02 Bill pays by the hour for a hot tub on Valentine's day at an "upscale" joint.

05:03-07:19 Beverages

07:19-08:10 Mansplaining pregnancy

08:10-09:13 Gorilla Glue and the Mental State of Society

09:14-10:39 Small...

Feb 14, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill talk to the Director of Conservation Partnerships for the National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center, Drew YoungDyke. Recently they released their top priorities for Congress in the Great Lakes Region. We also talk about their recent YouTube video "Against the Current."

Feb 7, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill talk about their sponsor Athletic Brewing (discount code beermoney20), discuss the album from the Parachute Adams Band, and upcoming live events.

5:25 In Other News: Octopuses Punch Fish, Sometimes For No Apparent Reason

8:02 The Walking Teddie Bear Episode at half speed

9:00 Upcoming Live...