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Apr 11, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill talk with Ken Farley from Expedition Vehicle Outfitters. Farley is a native Michigander transitioning his Family's business from the small-town auto repair shop, into a global off-road vehicle outfitter.

00:00 Intro

00:27 Athletic Brewing (discount code beermoney20)

02:15 Meditating with The Restoration Depot

03:59 The Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast

04:12 Jeff shares a story about “Old Folks Homes” and Captain Planet

05:49 Saying things we regret.

06:00 Jeff visits Key West and the environmental double standards.

08:28 Bill triggers Jeff

08:55 Jeff is on thin ice…

10:00 Jeff gets way too personal on a late-night rant about ablism

12:00 In Other News- 90-year-old touts fly-tying, fishing as ‘best therapy you could ever have’

16:40 Karen, the name

17:48 Taking your Camry off-road and serial killing

18:20 Interview with Ken Farley from Expedition Outfitters

18:50 Cummins Diesel and Shop Trucks

19:12 What is Expedition Outfitters

20:12 Big trucks and overcompensating

20:40 Land Rover Defender and other Outdoor Vehicles

21:35 Trout Camp and Cost Effective Solutions for your Outdoor Vehicle

23:40 In the Upper Peninsula

24:00 Going North for the Winter

25:09 Did Jeff see the Milky Way or Was He Hallucinating-Michigan Dark Park

27:36 The Covid Business Boom

30:00 Second Generation Business and Transitions

32:00 Moab Desert

33:15 Fly Fishing Clients and Specializing Their Vehicle

34:30 The Vehicle for Murder and “Deliverance”

37:30 Rapture Movies

38:00 Most Memorable Vehicles

41:00 Where is Fowler Michigan? Small Town USA

45:30 Jeff’s Only Fans Page and Big Toe Tuesdays

47:55 End of Interview

49:08 Outro- Camel Crush Menthol Cigarettes

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In Other News: