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Mar 14, 2018

I’m fond of signing off on my emails with Faith, Family and Fish.  Because those are the priorities in my life.  I’m a Husband of over 25 years, a father of three ranging from 17 to 21. 

During the day, I’m a Program Manager for Automotive Interior Supplier.  Their I work on highly technical engineered items like instrument panels, door interior trim and floor consoles.

A passionate fly fisher for over 25 years.  I’ve fished in 14 states and have recently discovered how much fun salt water fly fishing can be.  I tell my wife we can vacation any place she would like as long as I can be on some fishy water for some portion of the trip.  My favorite fishing is the Michigan hex. 


River Traditions – Which specializes mostly in custom fly boxes.   About 15 years old.  The business started when I made a wood fly box from a scrap 2x4, to making a a half dozen or so to friends, to getting invited to a fly tying show and selling a couple dozen.  Then next year or so attending a couple fly shows and sell a couple hundred to selling over 8,000 fly boxes in 2016.  (I still have that first box)  Each boxes is personalized by me in some form and is usually mailed within a couple days of being ordered.

I’ve also built fly rods and have designed and attempted to commercially sell fly rods.  I’ve designed a couple fly reels and sold 700 of them last year.  I supply fly boxes to over 80 fly fishing clubs around the country.