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Feb 12, 2018

"I was born, raised, and still live in Manhattan NYC. I've been fishing for as long as I can remember and some of my earliest clear memories involve casting a spinning rod. While fishing was an occasional summer activity for me, at around the age of 11 I began to attend sleep away camp. My camp was located on a small pond and during free time I could be found standing on the docks or floating in a row boat with a spinning rod in my hand. A few years later I discovered youtube and stumbled upon all the fishing content found there. The influx of fishing information peaked my interest and I began to fish more seriously than I had before. I returned to central park where some of my earliest fishing experiences had been and finally had success catching larger fish with more frequency. When I was 14 I stumbled upon fly fishing accidentally. I was forced to go with my father to the Orvis store in NYC so that he could exchange a gift when I noticed the fishing section. I spent about an hour that day talking to the fishing manage, Rob Ceccarini about fly fishing and the tackle associated with it. Two weeks later for Channukah I recieved my first fly outfit and have been obsessed ever since. I was able take advantage of all of the knowledge in my local fly shop in order to learn the sport and improve my skills. I've been fortunate to fish in some pretty amazing places across the country but I spend most of my time fishing local waters within and around NYC. After school and on the weekends I'll target bass or carp in Central Park. And when possible my dad, who I was able to get into the sport, and I will go trout fishing in the rivers of western NJ, or the Catskills. For the past two summers I have been able to attend trips with Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions in Maine and Yellowstone, unforgettable experiences that have certainly improved my fishing skills. I also began to work part time at the Orvis NYC store last spring, where I can now be found almost every Sunday. My favorite thing to do is mousing for trout, as many of my Lillard trip mates can attest, it sometimes borders on insanity. I've also recently fallen in love with Northern Snakehead, although I have yet to land one. I was lucky enough to have an article published about my hunt for the snakehead and my unique NYC fishing story in the New York Times. I'm also an avid fly tier, while I tie to fill my boxes with trout, carp, and bass flies, I really enjoy experimenting to create new patterns for species that have previously been unaccessible to fly rod anglers such as snakeheads and musky."