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Feb 23, 2020

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff Troutman talks with fly tying guru Brandon Bailes. A really fun interview!

0:00- Bill and Jeff's Tom Foolery

8:37- House Band's Extremely Offensive Name

9:55- Jeff imitates Bill's Mom and Offends More People

10:25- Interview with Brandon Bailes

10:26- How Brandon met Aaron Reed, Chris Barclay, Brad Boone and Other RNP Crew.

16:50- Shout out to Bayou City Angler and Project Healing Waters

20:00- Shultz Outfitters' Dirty Dozen 

24:05- How Brandon Got Into Fly Tying and How He Got So Good At It. The Origins of the Panther Branch Name.

27:33- Fly Pattern Talk (Crawfish Pattern)

36:12- Brandon' "Sweet Cheeks" Bailes' Secret Admirer

38:10- Brandon's Go To Fly

42:00 Deer Hair Poppers

46:00 Carp Fishing

48:15 Holden Ausmus' Corn Fly

52:01 End of Interview and Bill and Jeff Close It Out

Episode Links:

Brandon’s Instagram

Chris Barclay (Not Justin)

Aaron Reed’s Website

Jeff Troutman’s Music