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May 16, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill talk about Henry Winkler's bad bout with social media, clearance t-shirts, and more.

00:00 -Intro and Producer Cough’s return

02:30- Jeff impersonates Fred Sanford

03:30- Middle of May and Time Shares at Bass Pro

05:25- Bob White Shirt Clearance Sale

06:30- Sapiens

08:05 Bad Names and Bucks in rut

09:40 Athletic Brewing- (discount code beermoney20)

11:45 Menthol cigarettes and Jeff’s libertarian rant about sin tax

13:30 Djembe and meditation

15:00 Grounding and the 4th of July

18:13 In other News- “Want to take your pet fish for a walk?

22:08 Henry Winker Catching Heat of His New Fishing Photo-

27:15 Social Media BS nad neotropics

31:50 Outro

Episode Links:

Bob White Clearance Shirts:

In Other News:

Henry Winkler Article: