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Apr 19, 2021

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff and Bill Talk with Hill Country author Steve Ramirez.


00:01 The Dumpster Fire

00:09 (beermoney20)

03:15 One stop shop for virtual wellness products

01:06 Eastern European Gypsies

07:07 The Source of the Good Humor and More Pressure?

08:50 In Other News- Man shares 'FBI tip' for getting someone to say yes to any question you ask.

11:00 Guest Intro- Steve Ramirez

13:22 Interview Begins

14:00 West Michigan Sushi

14:35 How East Africans Name Their Children

15:20 Book “Casting Forward” Introduction and How Did It Came About

18:10 A Writer that Happens to Fish and the Creativity of Fly Fishing

19:00 “The Best People of My Life”

20:00 Dealing With Stress and Processing Trauma with Fly Fishing

22:19 The Imperfect Texas Buddha and Martial Arts

24:20 Could Steve Take Out Wylde Bill in a Back Alley?

26:48 Steve’s Philosophy

27:48 Wine Pairings with Tacos

30:05 Microbrews and Snobbery

31:20 Hill Country Wine Country and Microbrews

32:00 Sharing Access to Texas Water

34:28 “Casting Onward”

35:00 The Toughest Angler Steve Knows

39:00 How Living All Over the World Affected Steve’s Writing

42:00 Burning Planes of the Congo

43:45 Where to find Steve?

45:40 Outro



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