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May 31, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill talk with Don Johnson about his wild Bigfoot experience, Koz's True North Trout makes the news, and Jeff has to issue two apologies.

00:00 Welcome Back

00:55 Jeff’s Only Fans Page and Thigh Gap Thursdays

02:16 Last Episode of the Season and Jeff says Thank you

02:48 Jeff’s issues an apology about RNP’s new designs

05:55 Bob White Clearance Sale and other Merch

07:02 Jeff broker’s peace deal with Sasquatch in the other dimension

07:52 Get your free decal!

08:25 Jeff tries to be funny, but he’s not.

11:28 Bill gives up the Djembe and Schitt’s Creek-The Restoration Depot

12:48 Peanut Butter Beer? (beermoney20)

15:26 Jeff has to issue another apology. Sorry, Holden.

16:08 In Other News: Northern Michigan hotel offers a fly fishing package with Hemingway twist with Brian Kozminski’s True North Trout.

19:00 Guest Intro- Don Johnson of Michigan Describes His Bigfoot Encounter

20:30 Interview Begins

21:58 Story of the Squatch begins

31:47 Bigfoot gifts and Les Stroud (Survivorman)

33:20 Did Jeff and Bill experience coons or Bigfoot?

35:00 Does Bigfoot reside in another dimension?

37:00 Cancer linked to UFO sightings.

37:50 Ancient technology and the Mayans.

39:10 UAP/UFO Technology.

39:50 Flat earth ends at Antarctica

40:20 Graham Hancock

41:40 Jeff travels to Guatemala

42:40 Ken Hamm literally believes Dinosaurs are still around.

45:00 Don shares a proud Dad moment

47:00 Outro

48:00 Jeff finds a time capsule

50:10 Bill has list last words and Jeff plays air drums

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