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Jun 29, 2019

This week, Jeff talks with Chicago native Robert Tomes about the historical North Pond Casting Pier in Chicago and fly fishing for Muskie!

World’s Fair of 1893 brought people from around the country to the Windy City. This was the year the first ever “Open To The World Scientific Angling Tournament,” was held. This put Chicago on the map for the sport of tournament casting. Over the years, this pier and competition has drawn thousands of tourists and has helped usher in new equipment and techniques of all aspects, essentially changing the course of angling history. Today it’s changing the course of a different type: children’s history.

Robert Tomes is passionate about teaching and introducing youngsters in Chicago to the joy of fly fishing and casting on this very same pier (they also use spinning gear, but we’ll let them slide).  Below you’ll find a link that gives you a lengthy history and information about the program.

Muskie. A species of fish that Robert knows a lot about. You can say he wrote the book on it, because…..he did! Published by Wild River Press, Tomes book Muskie On The Fly has sold many copies and has introduced unknowing anglers to the joy of fly fishing for Muskie. Tomes talks about techniques and describes in detail the behavior and aggressiveness of the allusive species.

An excellent episode!