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Apr 5, 2020

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Jeff talk with Rob McConnell about his book Fly Fishing the Sam.

00:00 Jeff and Bill talk Tiger King and the Juice

03:20 How Much Does to cost to buy a baby tiger

03:50 The Tiger King talks

08:30 Jeff fears that he’s the next Joe Exotic

08:55 Jeff is looking for his Carol Baskin

11:50 Reality TV trends with the political climate. Downhill.

15:10 Interview begins with Rob McConnell- Fly Fishing the Sam

19:00 How Robert ended up in Houston from Pennsylvania

21:00 What’s the difference between a National Park and a National Forest?

22:50 How Rob discovered the Sam Houston National Forest

25:50 Bugs on the Sam

26:45 How to avoid ticks in the forest

27:40 What fly to fish with in Texas

30:25 Rob McConnell’s San Jac Squirrel Fly

32:50 Why Rob didn’t talk about bass fishing in Texas lakes

36:00 Jeff drops names again…

39:30 Jeff talks about food in Houston. What to do in Houston?

42:00 Why Rob chose to showcase the Sam

43:20 Snakes in the Sam Houston National Forest

45:20 Danny Scarborough and the State Record Spotted Bass?

47:30 How Rob met Aaron Reed

50:50 Texas history

57:37 Outro



Show Links: (Aaron Reed’s Book)