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Mar 15, 2020

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast, Jeff talks with Connected Guide Service guide Matt Peisert about his fly “Butt Stuff.”

00:00 Intro and Live Events

4:45- Bill’s Trip to Costco

1:55 In Other News- Conspiracy “Is Corona The New WMD?”

5:35- RNP’s official Corona Team

7:30- Thank you for the reviews

8:50- Podcast Intro

10:05- Interview Begins

11:30- Why Smallies

13:20- Jeff’s debt to Grand Valley Fly Fishers

14:35- The Story Behind Matt’s “Butt-Stuff” Fly

16:20- Tie Curious?

19:45- Why Some Fly Anglers and Creatives are Reluctant to Share

21:10- How to Rig Up For Pike on the Fly

22:40- Jeff sheepishly ask a question

24:25- Jeff name drops…

25:07- Who and How to Target Muskie

38:00- Doing it the Hard Way

40:00- Jeff takes the podcast off the rails

41:30- Frank Lloyd Wright on a Fly Fishing Podcast?

44:18- Outro


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