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Mar 6, 2020

This week fly fishing podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with Texas based fly tying ninja, Matt Bennett. Here's the breakdown:

00:00-1:42: Welcome and proper pronoun usage.

1:42-7:34    : Live events

          Thursday March 26th-Holland, MI: Fly Tying Demo (Butt                Stuff), Live Podcast, Music, Giveaways and more!

          Saturday April 18th- Orvis Grand Rapids, MI: Live Podcast,             Music and Microbrew— Orvis,

          Thursday May 7-Mesquite Creek Outfitters, Georgetown,                Texas Music for Aaron Reed’s book release

           August 7th- Schmohz Brewing, Grand Rapids, MI Live                     podcast, tobacco and  beer pairings and music with the                   Furniture City Pipe Society.


7:34-10:44    :How The Sausage Is Made and sasquatch repellent

10:45-11:14  : How to score a free Sasquatch decal/buff

11:14-13:08  : Special thanks to Ryan Enns and Todd Gray for the                            review and shout-out

13:08-14:00  : This week’s guest Matt Bennett

14:00-14:00  : Interview begins

14:30- 15:18 : Matt’s Journey into fly fishing on an old fiberglass                             fly rod

15:18-15:30  : Jeff interrupts Matt so he can name drop

15:31-16:29  : Interview Continues…

16:30-17:45  : Shout out to Living Waters Fly Shop-Brandon                                     Bailes-tying demo May 6th

17:48-19:20  : Matt’s journey into fly tying

19:20- 19:40 : Shout out to accountant Phil

19:41-20:35  : Simple fly patterns anyone can tie and simple                                     patterns that work

20:35- 21:35 : Shout out to Brandon “Sweet Cheeks” Bailes

21:35- 23:00 : The positive side of social media

23:00-23:36  : The personality of a fly angler

23:36- 25:53 : The process of designing a fly and stealing Matt’s                               Lunch Money

25:53- 28:52 : The three big concepts of fly design

28:53- 29:58 : Getting the strike when fish are least aggressive

29:59-30:21  : Trico Hatch

30:22-30:49  : Insect hatches on Brushy Creek

30:50-32:37  : Day in the life of Matt Bennett-Keeping things                                    fresh.

32:37-34:02  :Tie or buy?

34:02-37:15  : Matt’s Education at Baylor

37:15-44:07  :The Creative Process

44:07-45:05  :How to get in touch with Matt

45:05-47:04  : Outro


Episode Links:

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