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May 17, 2020

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast, Jeff talks with Author Mark Kurlansky about his new book "Salmon."

00:00 Jeff and Bill talk about their YouTube Channel

01:45 Jeff and Bill talk bullying

03:10 Is RNP not serious enough?

04:55 In Other News

08:00 Interview begins with Mark Kurlansky

09:20 Fishery management and over fishing are not the main issue for salmon

11:00 Killing off the predators of salmon

12:10 Pebble Mine

14:35 The CEO of Tiffany & Co.

15:35 Knowing the source

16:45 Irresponsible reporting on global warming

17:50 The scariest thing Mark learned while writing this book

20:50 The story of the salmon in greek mythology

23:25 Bears in the Great Lakes compared to Grizzlies in the NW

24:05 Bears in Kamchatka

25:10 Jeff’s favorite character in Mark’s book

27:50 Mark’s look at the young guys on the fishing boat

30:05 What did Mark get out of writing this book?

34:01 Responsible economic development

34:50 Niagara falls and the environment

36:01 Mark’s recipes and appreciation for

38:01 Mark’s book on Hank Greenberg and baseball

42:20 What Mark think’s about fly fishing

44:40 Where you can find Mark’s book and information

44:40 Outro

Episode Links:

Mark’s Website

Remote. No Pressure.

Jeff’s Music Website

In Other News Shark Story