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Jan 5, 2020

This week fly fishing podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with local angler and friend Kim Sears.

Born and raised in Middleville, Michigan, Kim grew up on the Thornapple River fishing for bass.  

I got away from fly fishing in my 20s when I tried the bass tournament scene for a few years.  When the tournament fishing became work, I lost a lot of the interest that got me into it and went back to fly fishing and tying my own flies.”

It took him a couple tries to find the right woman that understood wanting to be outdoors and fishing in general, not to mention fly fishing. She was a very quick learner and she now has more fly rods than Kim. She ties her own flies and has built her own fly rods and tying table.   A true Flygirl.

Now, well into my 50s, I’ve combined my loves of kayaking and fly fishing and I look for ways to “pay it forward”.  I’ll teach anyone that asks, how to cast, tie, or paddle.  As an active member of the USCG Auxiliary I focus primarily on paddle craft safety for not just the public, but the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard.  Most recently my wife and I have become Mentor’s with The Mayfly Project, paying it forward to take foster kids outdoors and introduce them to fly fishing, fly tying, entomology, and river ecology.  Or just to skip rocks across the river.”

Kim is also the author of an e-book on Amazon “In the beginning…: One kayaker’s guide for the beginning paddler.” It helps new paddlers understand kayaks and the gear they need versus the gear they think they want. 

Kim and his wife are also very active with the new Michigan chapter of Project Mayfly


Episode Links:

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