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Mar 31, 2021

Starting Wednesday, April 7, check this space or your favorite podcast platform for Aaron Reed’s Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast. Every other week, Aaron will bring you in-depth conversations with industry luminaries and local anglers. Tune in for a conversation with Trout Unlimited VP and Angling Trade magazine editor Kirk Deeter about books, the pandemic year, and the importance of humility and grace. Coming up: Alvin and Lenée Dedeaux of All Water Guides on how they navigated the pandemic year, diversity in fly fishing, and that SXSW showcase Alvin headlined; April Vokey of Anchored Outdoors on going from girl guide on the Skeena River to Queen of All Fly Fishing Media and the joys and perils of social media; and much, much more.

Show Notes, Jeff Troutman on Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast (Season 1, Episode 1)

00:01 Introductions

00:10 The history of the Glencairn glass.

0:45 Jeff warns Aaron he’s going to be grading his performance.

01:18 Brokeback Mountain reference

01:30 Navel-gazing: a new fly-fishing podcast (hint: you are listening to it.).

02:55 Kirk Deeter up next episode! Let’s talk about the pandemic. RBFF says we added 17 million new boaters and anglers in 2020.

04:24 Jen and John Pelicano coming up in a couple of weeks. Jeff and Aaron talk about year-to-date licenses.

07:27 The first whiskey: Real Spirits Distiller’s Choice (Four-Grain). Shout-out to Real Ale and Real Spirits.

08:15 How to pour whiskey.

09:30 The Tron Beer Can and 8 Track Amber

10:10 Redneck tasting notes.

11:55 “It’s not the first time I’ve spilled whiskey on my piano.”

13:08 Jeff forgets his new song.

14:30 Jeff is a bandleader.

15:00 Jeff’s new album.

16:00 Jeff reveals his childhood in a cult.

18:00 Songs for grownups.

20:00 Jeff was a “Huffy Rider.” Bike stories ….

22:39 Shout-out to Odem Wu

23:09 “ Dreamers,” Jeff Troutman and the Parachute Adams Band (cut-in the recording, still of “Heaven” album cover)

28:02 Cut back to interview …. Talking about “Dreamers.” What was the “favor,” man?

29:00 Breathing room in stories.

29:30 The band’s name and no, Aaron, Jeff didn’t actually send you a fly could fish with.

33:35 *eff Carl Lentz and Hillsong.

34:11 Rye whiskey. Jeff’s favorite, we find out later.

35:34 Where to find Real Spirits, and Real Ale.

37:10 Jeff considers refinishing his free piano.

38:21 Bob White, artist and inspiration.

40:00 Jeff talks to a buffalo. Things get a little psychedelic.

42:00 Jeff starts messing around below – or right at – the belt.

43:50 It’s not the time or place to talk about this.

44:40 Raven: Ode to Bob White (cut in) (throw up the album cover)

49:38 Back to the real interview … Aaron says nice things about Jeff, and Bob, and cross-genre artistic inspiration.

50:00 Paul Puckett, artists, what brings us together as fly anglers.

52;10 Shout-out to Greg DeMars. Cast nets?

53:40 Jeff gives a shout-out to Aaron’s (multiple) award-winning book. By this time it’s clear why Aaron writes, and doesn’t broadcast. Usually.

55:29 In praise of wet-wading, and Zebcos.

56:45 Shout-out to Tom Rosenbauer and fishing in Chacos.

57:40 Real Spirits Signature Select, Texas Whiskey Trail barrel selection.

1:00:42 Okay, enough about whiskey … let’s talk about gin.

1:02:00 Preview of Duck Camp, shout-out to Dave Fason, and we all want the new DryDown Vest.

1:03:00 The Local Angler, Imbrifex Books, “Books or the Journey,” shout-out to Mark Sedenquist.

1:04:00 Merch. Buy a shirt. Protect yourself from the ‘Squatch.

1:05:00 Follow, subscribe, etc.

1:06:45 RNP on the Road.

1:07:31 SXSW 2021?

1:08:10 Another shoutout to Duck Camp and their awesome World HQ.

1:09:30 April Vokey, we love you.

1:10:40 Shout-out to Wylde Bill.

1:11:07 “Ten-Foot Pole” and bawbags.

Duck Camp

All Spirits - Real Ale Brewing Company : Real Ale Brewing Company