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Jun 25, 2018

When I was 9 I received a fly tying kit for Christmas or my birthday and dabbled in the technique but never had it fully introduced to me. As I grew up I was rebellious and found drugs and alcohol as an escape. This led me to many years of hardship and chaos. But there was always fishing, my dad knew that if he fished with me I wouldn't do drugs or drink. In high school, my nickname was catfish because I used to go to keggers at the lake and would always bring my fishing gear  That all changed when I graduated high school and left for an unsuccessful career n the marine corp. It was during this time that my father was killed in an automobile crash.  I drank and smoked my way out of that career path. I picked up the construction trades and fished and drank my adult life away. When I was 38 I had had enough and found a group of people to help me recover from my alcoholism. One of them suggested that I find a hobby to take my mind off of drinking, something that the drinking had taken away. I remember how fondly I was of fishing and began to fish in earnest again. One day I saw a guy nymphing for half pounders on the trinity river and I was  fascinated and hooked. I stopped spin fishing that day and went and bought a fly rod and set up the next day. Soon after I decided that I should tye my own flies and the rest is history. It was soon after I became married and moved back to central California, I found a fly fishing club in Tracy California and was taught how to tie proper by some highly talented tyers. In 2010 my ex wife was offered a job in Idaho Falls. I jumped at the chance to move to a place close to so many blue-ribbon streams! After a few years there I was approached by the Fishing Poet and asked about visiting east Idaho. that led to the now famous movie,"A Deliberate Life". that movie changed so many peoples lives. I continued to fish until late 2015. I was involved in a near fatal auto accident. I have since recovered and am slowly getting back into fishing and tying again. 
Check Out The Movie A Deliberate Life