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Jun 3, 2018

There I was.  340 lbs.  The thought of loosing weight would make me sweat.  Heck, breathing would make me sweat.  To be fair, I was down 20 lbs from my heaviest 7 years prior.  Due to experimenting with a diet pill that would make you crap yourself if you weren’t careful.  It was supposed to help you train yourself from eating greasy, fatty foods, but I didn’t use it that way.  I just learned to never trust a fart.

I needed to find another way to do this.  I needed to find a new way of life.  This old one wasn’t working out so hot for my health.  Back in my 20’s, after frequent knee injuries, panic attacks, and other health issues, I was placed on blood pressure medication, and temporarily on anti anxiety pills (clonazepam), with the understanding it was temporary, and I would go see a counselor.  The counselor helped get me off the me off clonazepam, but the anxiety continued.  So I would self medicate when needed with alcohol. 

The weeks rolled into months, and the pounds began to melt away!  One year later I celebrated loosing my 100th pound, by getting hammered!  (jokes)  It was a quiet celebration.  But definitely a personal victory that I cherish.

It wasn’t until July of 2017, that i went on my first camping hike, that changed my life.  But the beauty of the trail… The beauty of nature…  Nothing compared to being in the woods.  Nothing compared to the sound of the river next to our camp. That same summer I took up fly fishing as well.”