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Mar 26, 2018

Ben is a professional fly fishing guide.  He also designs flies for several manufacturing companies.  He teaches fly tying, fly casting, and lectures on the sport.  He began fly fishing at the age of six and hasn't spent any time since then without a fly rod near by.  He has fished all over over the world for any thing that swims.  Ben also works as a sales representative in the fly fishing world.  He is the President and CEO of the Fly Fishing Show. Ben is the owner of The Angling Bookstore.


Ben is one of but a few guides certified by Tenkara USA.  If you haven't tried this exciting, active, traditional fly fishing technique from Japan, you must give it a try.  Head out on one of the rivers in the Gunnison drainage with Ben and give it a try.  It is a simple and affordable technique that can be learned in a very short time, but enjoyed for a lifetime.  


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