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Feb 26, 2018

As the son of a coal miner growing up in Central West Virginia, I would sit within classrooms and daydream of being outdoors on a stream instead of listening to the drone of my teachers. It was my father that I owe the most to for teaching me about life and introducing me to hunting and fishing. Dad served our country in the United State Marine Corps in the early 60’s and then followed a family tradition in becoming an underground coal miner. Dad worked very hard six to seven days a week in the coal mines of West Virginia that claim the lives of many men and women. When Dad would get that rare day off or take his well earned vacation time, we would spend it camping along a trout stream or in the hard woods of West Virginia chasing whitetail deer. Competitive sports were a big part of my life and I never remember my mother or father not sitting on the hot bleachers on the field or in the gym. It is to them I owe many thanks. My fondest memories were spent along a stream in a wall tent listening to Dad tell ole Semper Fi stories or how he made a living in the dark & damp coal mines. I broke family tradition and went to college and did not become a coal miner. Although I don’t regret not becoming a miner, I do respect and salute all of the men and women that protect and serve our country. Today, I am blessed with two lovely daughters, Laken and Autumn and a beautiful wife Shelly. I thank God for letting me borrow his children for our short time on this earth. After working 15 years in education with troubled youth as well as serving as President & CEO of a gas & oil company, with the support of my family, I have decided to leave my work behind to pursue my passion for the art of fly fishing. Traveling both far away and close to home, please join me, my friends, and special guests, in our ultimate outdoor adventures. These are my Fly Rod Chronicles.