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Jan 31, 2018

Karin Miller is the Owner of Zen Tenkara/ Zen Fly Fishing Gear, a Colorado company that designs, manufactures and sells tenkara rods and gear. She’s a native Floridian who grew up on Hollywood Beach, in the Florida Keys and the pristine Bahamas. Her love of water was fostered out of time spent on adventures with her father, who lived on a boat. She moved to land-locked Colorado in 1999 where she gradually fell in love with mountain rivers, lakes and streams. Karin was introduced to fly flying in 2001 but it wasn’t until she tried tenkara in 2010, that she became a passionate angler. The fixed-line method of fly fishing was simultaneously uncomplicated and dynamic - thrilling, yet somehow calming. Tenkara brought her back to her element of water and fish. She recognized it as a highly effective tool that made fly fishing tangible to more people and brought an innocence back to the often-complicated sport. In 2012, Zen Fly Fishing Gear/Zen Tenkara was born. The company has been pushing the boundaries of tenkara and offering cutting edge rods that are designed to target large, power fish, untraditional to the method. Karin’s reputation in the industry is of breaking the rules and revolutionizing this ancient method of fly fishing. She's developed a “fusion” of fixed-line tenkara with traditional fly fishing that is delivering adrenaline charged experiences and changing the way people think of this ancient Japanese method. Now in approximately 15 retail stores and chains as well as lodges in Patagonia, Alaska and Mexico, Karin spends most of her time doing presentations, demonstrations, trainings, testing rods and fishing. She lives in Loveland, Colorado, has a son, Aaron, is engaged, and is shadowed by two dogs.