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Jun 29, 2017

Jim Gebhart is originally from Miamisburg, Ohio where he was raised in a family of fishers and hunters. Nearly every year of his life, his father would take him into the bush of Canada and to Florida on fishing trips. He gained an appreciation for chasing fish in both fresh and saltwater, in streams, lakes and rivers, and coastal flats, bays and ocean. He first experienced fly fishing when he was a young teenager and has since focused primarily on fly fishing, with an occasional venture back to traditional tackle. His other passion, wingshooting, started after he graduated college and moved to Texas. Now every September through January is spent in either a duck blind or field pursuing waterfowl, upland game birds and turkeys. ​ Jim started On The Fly Magazine (OTFM) a quarterly emagazine focusing on the passions and lifestyle of fly fishing and wingshooting, in 2013. Jim uses OTFM to help promote Reel Recovery and Casting for Recovery, 2 nonprofit organizations that utilize fly fishing to help cancer patients deal with their disease and recovery.