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May 5, 2019

This week Jeff talks with Cameron Cushman, a filmmaker and avid fly fisherman.  He lives in South Florida and travels the country in search of various fish species living in their native environments, from saltwater to high mountain streams.  His recent video, Chasing Natives, documented him and a companion fishing for native species of trout in the southwest.  Cameron’s video helped bring the native fish message to a younger audience and was the first in a series of native fish videos he is planning to release.  Cameron discovered fly fishing while stationed in Alaska as an Army Infantryman, and immediately became obsessed with the sport.  Several years later after retiring from the service, Cameron’s passion for fly fishing grew and he began to establish himself in the fly fishing scene.  Cameron also shares his passion for fly fishing and native fish with others, introducing them to the sport by sharing his experience, techniques, and on the water knowledge.  Cameron suffers from a chronic disease called Gastroparesis which affects his ability to digest food and properly empty his stomach.  This has led him to advocate for others suffering with chronic illnesses by using personal experience and motivational speaking.  Cameron contributes his passion for fly fishing and native fish as a way to help him deal with the realities of living with a chronic disease.  He can be reached at and followed on Instagram at @cameroncush