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Apr 5, 2021

This week Jeff and Bill talk with author and angler, Charles Cantella about writing, inspiration, fly fishing, and shenanigans.

00:01-01:20 Jeff and Bill’s Intro.

01:20- 03:26 Thank you to Athletic Brewing’s Sponsorship (beermoney20 discount code)

03:27- 06:43 Jake the Snake, Diamond Dallas Page and Mind Fullness.

06:44-07:00 You never forget your first time…

07:01- 07:53 Aaron Reed’s upcoming episode/guests on the Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast

07:54-09:16 The racism of Looney Tunes and other Cartoons

09:16-13:09 In Other News- The truth is out there … perhaps: CIA releases thousands of UFO files

13:10-13:37 Any t-shirt on sale for $10.00 and the band…

13:38-14:13 Guest Intro Charles Cantella

14:14-15:53 Nothing deep or meaningful

15:54-16:51 Anectdotes and Stories- Accountant Phil fills his waders.

17:00-17:30 Trout Unlimited in Pittsburgh PA

17:30-18:20 The Story Behind “Big Gretch” and Trendsetters

18:21-20:12 Primante Brothers and the Great Cracker Raid

20:19-22:30 Touch of Grayling the Book and the Story Behind the Book

22:31-23:50 Fifty Shades of Gray and Tacos and the Purpose of the Book

23:51 America’s Favorite Flies, the Cicada Hatch, and Charles’ Street Cred-

25:20-26:10 Apologies to our two fans in Tulsa

26:10-26:50 Rob McConnell’s upcoming book about fly fishing in Houston

26:50-29:50 Fishing Holes out of Mud Holes and Fly Fishing for Everyone

29:50-31:28 Michigan’s Weird Small Town Names

31:38-33:48 The Curse of Ice Fishing and Spear Fishing Through the Ice

33:39-34:39 Jeff’s Loin Cloth Desires

34:40-38:39 Children Swearing and the story behind “Fins and Grins” 

38:40-39:39 Upcoming Projects and More from Charles? 39:40:42:41 Reasons to Call in Sick

42:41- Outro

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