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Oct 18, 2020

This week we talk with the artist and fly angler, Annie Margarita

00:00 Bill Goes Into Quarantine and Misses Trout Camp

01:43 Coffee and Anxiety

03:00 In Other News- Dog Sniffing for Coronavirus. 

06:10 Fires out West and Annie Margarita Introduction

09:02 Interview with Annie Begins

09:03 Jeff's Art Piece from Annie Margarita

10:40 Annie's Journey Into Leather Working and Project Healing Waters

15:00 From the Marine Corps the Theme Park

20:00 The Fly Fishing Lifestyle

21:50 To Burt on the McKenzie River

23:00 The 1946 McKenzie Drift Boat

24:30 The Fire

28:00 What's Left Behind

29:00 The MacKenzie River Drift Boat in The Heart of The Dragon

30:10 Rebuilding-

33:23 Bob White and his Essay 

35:45 Out of The Ashes

42:00 Where Hank Williams Found Inspiration

42:30 Nature

48:00 Bigfoot and Closing

Annie's Website

Annie's YouTube Channel 

Bob White's Essay